Exploring Potential Training Group is a training development agency that helps companies create custom digital learning experiences which deliver lasting behavioral and organizational change by leveraging the power of video, story, and interactivity.


How We Help You Achieve Your Training Goals

At the pinnacle of educational success is learner engagement. We fuse our expansive media production experience with tested instructional strategy and the latest technology to make eLearning entertaining and effective.

The result is training that employees actually want to use and that moves organizations toward the achievement of business and performance goals.

We begin with your business outcomes in mind so that we can assure each new skill being developed is in complete alignment with the long term success of your organization.

Our Process

We know you’re not providing training just for the fun of it. Your organization has a vision, goals you’re moving toward, and a team of people working to achieve them.

We begin our journey by first taking the pulse of your organization, department, and learner segments. We get complete clarity on your company and departmental objectives and performance goals – and how your people, processes and procedures contribute to overall organizational success.

Through this process we help to identify opportunities for increasing efficiencies, skills and results through custom training and learning automation solutions. Although each company’s needs are different, your challenges may fall into a few main categories:

  • New Employee Onboarding & Company Culture
  • Technical Skills
  • Safety & Compliance
  • Product Knowledge
  • Systems
  • Customer Engagement
  • Leadership Development
  • Change & Transformation Management

To truly create lasting behavioral change in learners, it is most effective to customize the message for specific learner segments. We help you uncover the Strategic Learner Buckets unique to your company that employees fall into by identifying their general makeup, role, learning preferences and motivations.

This initial analysis will be the guiding hand for instructional and content decisions throughout the creation of training material.

22untitled-1Whether you’re looking at developing a single training course, full curriculum, or entire bottom to top organizational learning & development strategy, our training deliverables are driven by your business goals, performance objectives, and a solid understanding of your employee characteristics.

By leveraging the analysis compiled in Phase 1, we lay out a strategic approach to bridging the gap between where employees currently are and what employees need to know / understand / apply / analyze / synthesize / evaluate / create in order to achieve your desired performance outcomes.

Our instructional design approach takes into consideration content, technology, and delivery method for effectively reaching our targeted learning segments.

We look at all available tools and forms of content delivery like eLearning, Live Action Video Scenario, Blended Learning, Gamification, Simulation, Virtual Instruction, Interactive Live Stream.

Together we agree on methods for assessments, measuring success, and milestones to effectively demonstrate your return on investment.

The end result is a clear and detailed Employee Learning Road Map and Learning Architecture so you know exactly how we’ll get from where you are to accomplishing your training, departmental, and organizational goals.

12333untitled-4We create training content that people get excited about consuming. Away with boring training. Period.

Employee education should be an engaging, cohesive experience that maintains the quality of media we’re used to interacting with on a daily basis.

We engage award-winning media production specialists to produce your training content alongside expert instructional designers. The result is educational content that is both entertaining and effective.

To achieve this, we utilize our unique Interactive Training Design Process (ITDP), which ensures learning effectiveness through a potent combination of solid research, effective pedagogy, engaging storytelling, video and interactivity.

Interactive Training Design Process (ITDP)

Step 1: Research
We start by reviewing existing content including any materials you may already have, collecting & analyzing topic research, and working with subject matter experts to ensure we have a complete picture of the topic at hand so that we deliver best-practice-based training.

Step 2: Blueprint
Next we begin to shape the details into a form that makes sense to others; most specifically – to your target learner segments. We create a blueprint of the training as a detailed pedagogy.

Step 3: Storytell
This is where the magic comes in. This is the point where our team performs the alchemy of transmuting solid information into a fluid learning journey where your employee’s attention glides smoothly through the educational material, absorbing, applying, and solidifying knowledge and skill along the way.

Facts, figures and research content transforms into powerful story elements, metaphors, situations, and examples that are created intentionally to address specific learner segments and effectively communicate information in an understandable way.

Step 4: Visualize
All training we do involves video because of its tremendous power to capture and maintain attention, effect emotion, and influence behavior.

We take the facts, scenes, story elements and ideas from the previous steps and solidify all of the content into scripts and storyboards with full detail and clear visual direction.

Step 5: Interact

Our final step is to enhance the effectiveness of the content delivery by injecting interactive elements. Interactivity contributes to the overall learning experience by increasing retention. This doesn’t have to only apply to the full execution of complex scenarios, we also utilize methods for integrating interactive elements into the most basic training efforts to maximize results.

We use mockups and wire frames to demonstrate interactive elements during this phase.

Whether you’ve got the content or we’re starting from scratch, this is the phase where we really start piecing instructional content together and infusing it with direction and vision for high quality engaging presentation.

This phase allows you to pre-visualize the end product and see exactly how specific tactics will help you reach your objectives through creating these interactive learning experiences.

At the end of this phase, we end up with a detailed pedagogy, content outlines, scripts, storyboards, mockups, prototypes, and other supporting content ready to be created in its final form.

34444untitled-4In this phase we take scripts, storyboards, outlines and mockups – and bring it all to life.

Our agile team of award winning media producers, directors, videographers, editors, designers, audio engineers, animators, and artists go to work producing all of the individual pieces of media and final content for your training.

Based on what the learning plan laid out in the previous phases calls for, you end up with combination of high quality assets like graphics, voiceover, sound effects, animations, motion graphics / kinetic text, infographic animation, whiteboard illustrations, enhanced screencasting, live action video, fictional drama video, instructor led video, interviews, simulation scenes, interactive video scenes.

The style of everything produced is aligned with your brand and feels consistent with your company culture while practically and effectively addressing performance needs.

5555untitled-4In this phase we take all of the separate video, audio, graphic, and written content elements created in previous phases and we tie them all together in a consumption framework.

If the desired end result is an eCourse, we have the flexibility to author it on nearly any preferred course authoring software. We deliver any variety of your preferred formats and include original assets and the master course files in our deliverables to maximize your flexibility on the back end.

If your organization has a Learning Management System (LMS) in place, we will work with what you have and design for and deliver content to that platform.

If you don’t have an LMS in place, we will help you find the best options for delivering your training content to employees.

We take steps to ensure our deliverables are mobile friendly and follow web accessibility guidelines.

66666untitled-4Before you roll training out to your organization at large, we’ll work through a pre-flight run. We recommend this beta-testing stage where we gain valuable feedback and insight into the success of training content within target learner segments.

Gathering feedback and analyzing user data will help us to identify any areas of dissonance, disconnect, or disengagement, which all could detract from the goals of the messaging.

In addition to traditional targeted surveys and focus groups, we go deeper by tracking and analyzing behavior in user sessions so we can learn and adjust to be more effective at getting through to our target learner.

There are actually parts of this process that show up in earlier phases, like in testing scripts & storyboards during Development, or reviewing video scenarios during Produce.

We utilize a process called Targeted Learner Evaluation (TLE) where we maximize the effectiveness of training and efficiency of training creation by receiving critical feedback at strategic points. So, by the time we get to the Pre-Flight stage, we have eliminated any surprises and improved our product in the process.

7777untitled-4Now it’s time to generate awareness and enthusiasm around your training within your organization.

We work with you to develop a communication strategy and implement the AIDA model within each target learner segment to gain interest, support, and commitment to the training.

Here we leverage elements like traditional marketing materials, digital marketing, course video trailer, testimonials, social media strategy, live stream Q&A and more.

About Us

We’re a team of award-winning producers, instructional designers, writers, directors, editors and animators who are passionate about creating engaging video based training.

We specalize in creating high-impact eLearning for all industries and sectors. From technical training, soft skills and leadership development, to the complete automation of onboarding and company culture training efforts, we fuse video, storytelling, and interactivity to maximize learner engagement and the success of training goals.

Our deliverables leverage the latest in eCourse and digital learning development through fully interactive simulations, live action video, fictional scenario scenes, whiteboard illustration, motion graphics, game based training, and virtual reality. We support blended learning efforts through virtual instruction and interactive live steaming solutions.

Our team is agile and adaptive, so whether you need one critical course or curriculum, to an entire multi-year program – we are your partner in learning.

We feel just as comfortable becoming an extension of your learning & development team to supplement existing capabilities as we do becoming your full service custom eLearning solutions provider.